We built our pizza empire around the pepperoni and Italian sausage on our P.R.E.A.M. pizza. But, Slim & Husky’s wants everyone to experience our artisan pies and signature drizzles. 

With more and more people dedicating their lives to conscious eating and avoiding animal-based products, we knew we had to serve this growing community. The S&H chef made sure to include a variety of vegan options on the menu. 

  1. Nothin’ But A “V” Thang 

This is one of our 8 signature pizzas. Inspired by Snoop Dog’s 1998 single, “Still a ‘G’ Thang,” this pie was created exclusively with vegans in mind! Everything from the dough to the bean ragu base is 100% vegan. Toppings include vegan cheese, caramelized onions, roasted peppers, oven roasted corn, and spinach. 

nothin but a v thang vegan pizza options

  1. Bean Ragu 

If you want to color outside of the lines and build your own pizza, slap some bean ragu sauce your culinary masterpiece. Our Bean Ragu sauce blends traditional Southern beans ranging from great northern white beans to pinto beans, as well as chickpeas. 

  1. OG Red & Spicy Sauces

Marinara sauce is a classic, though. Good news! Both our OG Red Sauce and Spicy Red Sauce are vegan options. Better yet, we never use dry seasonings in our sauces. The marinara on your Slim or Husky will have fresh basil, fresh roasted garlic, and many other hearty flavors.

PRO TIP: Ask for Garlic Shallot Oil instead of the Bean Ragu or OG Red & Spicy Sauces. Totally vegan and totally delicious.

  1. Signature Drizzles

At Slim & Husky’s, we believe pizza was made for dipping, dunking, and drizzling. Of our 6 homemade drizzles, 4 have the green light for vegan diners. Try the Garlicky Garden Butter, Balsamic Molasses, Peach Mustard, and Chipotle BBQ drizzles on your next slice. 

drizzles surrounded by fresh ingredients

  1. Pizza Toppings 

When you survey our topping selection, you’ll encounter vegan options galore. All of the vegetables are fair game for vegan visitors. We have ground soy and garbanzo beans to add a punch of protein to your meal. And there is a non-dairy cheese on the line so you won’t have to sacrifice that creamy texture. Add as many toppings as you want at no additional charge!

  1. Hot Boy Salad

Need to boost your veggie intake? Skip the pizza for our Hot Boy Salad. Go on a topping spree and fill your bowl to the brim. Then, choose whether or not to bake your cheese for a salad that sparks all of the senses! 

hotboy salad

  1. Ice Ice Babies 

These boozy frozen drinks are the perfect complement to any S&H meal. Dive into a Peach or Blueberry Frose in Nashville or a Tea Bozz (a vodka-infused Arnold Palmer) in Atlanta. Our line of Ice Ice Babies are unique to each location and incorporate local ingredients. 

If you have any questions about our vegan options, give us a buzz! Contact us at a location near you, or fill out our customer feedback form.