[NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE, March 12] Betty Marshall, who lists upper management roles at Sam’s Club, Shoney’s, and Phoenix Restaurant Group on her resume, is the new Slim & Husky’s CEO.

The Youngstown, Ohio native came out of retirement to accept the position and help the brand as it expands outside of Tennessee to Atlanta, Birmingham, Memphis, and beyond over the next few years.   

Slim & Husky's CEO

“A company that’s growing at the start and working with three wonderful entrepreneurs? I couldn’t say no,” Marshall said.

Upon hearing about the opportunity, Marshall performed a Google search on the company and visited one of its locations. Between the brand’s community efforts and its quality product, Marshall was sold on the mission to reach and revitalize underserved areas.

“We are so excited to have Betty on our team,” co-founder of Slim & Husky’s, Clint Gray, said. “She has the expertise and attitude the company needs to further our vision and impact a wide range of communities.”

Throughout her 25+ year career, Marshall has gathered a wealth of experience in operations, human resources, corporate communications, purchasing, and leading diversity initiatives. As Vice President of Operations/Regional General Manager for Sam’s Club, Marshall managed 20 direct reports and conducted the day-to-day operations of 140 locations across Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Puerto Rico.

During her career, she has also served as Chief Administrative Officer and Senior Vice President of the Phoenix Restaurant Group, as well as Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications and Community Relations for Shoney’s, Inc., where she developed the minority franchising program and paved the way for the company to be named one of Forbes’ Best Places to Work.

“If I can take what I’ve learned in the corporate world and help them [Slim & Husky’s] with their vision, then I’ll consider that a job well done,” Marshall said.


Slim & Husky’s is a fast casual and gourmet pizza joint serving up artisan pies and unique cinnamon rolls made with locally sourced ingredients. It offers build-your-own pizzas, meeting and event catering, take out services, and delivery through third-party vendors.

If you would like more information about Betty Marshall or updates regarding the company’s upcoming expansions, please call Clint Gray at (615) 500-1048 or email [email protected].